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“Just Like Walking Around the Classroom”

Ms. Easthope makes drawing in class a more interactive experience during Online Learning.
  • Mrs. Marian Easthope leads her Drawing class in an exercise about perspective on Zoom.

In her first class over Zoom, Ms. Easthope wished she could look over her student’s shoulders and give individualized notes about their work, just like in her on-campus class.

Her Painting and Drawing students were practicing perspective by drawing single letters in three dimensions, receding to a vanishing point.

During class, students drew in pencil and pen on their notebooks at their homes, took a photo of their work and uploaded it to Schoology. Then, Ms. Easthope would review and comment on the drawings in real-time for the student and the class.

By the end of the first period on Zoom, she remarked “This is just like walking around the classroom!”


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