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Earn credits, save on tuition

At Carondelet, you don’t have to wait until college to take college-level courses. Our students can earn college credit in many courses—which can save both time and money when their college education begins in earnest.

As part of our Early College Credit Program, students may enroll in online courses from College of the Siskiyous that will fulfill GE requirements for UC and CSU schools with no cost beyond the textbooks.

This allows students to earn credits and save tuition money when they enroll in college after high school graduation.

College and Career, notes, “Parents often ask us: ‘What can my daughter do to improve her college admission options?’ One of the best things is to have your daughter stretch herself intellectually by taking a college-level class either by taking an AP, College of the Siskiyous, or other community college class.”

“The beauty of these classes is that they are on topics everyone, regardless of their future major, will benefit from the knowledge learned. Plus, you can earn college credit without having to take an end-of-the-year test.”

See current courses offered where Carondelet students can earn college credit now.

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