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How to edit the homepage content:

Homepage Hero

Go to Profiles > Homepage Hero to edit Her Education, Her Experience and Her Future at the top of the homepage. Each profile contains an image, headline, and summary. 

The list of links displayed for each section comes from the three LiveWhale menus. Go to Pages > Navigation and view navigation for Main Public Site. This navigation also powers the Her Education, Her Experience and Her Future menus that appear at the top of inside pages.



Go to Profiles > Homepage Testimonials to add or change these profiles. Up to 3 testimonials will appear here. Make sure to fill out the quote, attribution, and add a profile photo.



Shows up to 10 announcement blurbs that are tagged with homepage. Go to Blurbs > Announcements to add or edit a blurb. Add the title and a short, one-line announcement. Tag appropriately to show on the homepage or audience pages (tag with Students, Faculty & Staff, Families, Alumnae or homepage).


Footer Hero / Call to Action

Go to Profiles > Footer Hero to change the footer call to action. Star the footer hero to appear at the bottom of each page.


Emergency Alerts

Go to Blurbs > Emergency Alerts to add an alert sitewide. The alert will appear on all pages, in a red bar above the site header. Add a new blurb, and make it “live” to appear on the website.
Keep the blurb body to 1-1.5 lines to make sure it fits at all screen sizes.

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