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The Carondelet Innovation Fund (iFund)

Imagine a group of students running their own entrepreneurial business right on campus; or presenting ideas at a startup pitch competition; or creating and producing a student media festival. Through the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation and your generous contributions to the iFund, all of this and more is within reach. Your support of Carondelet’s iFund will provide the flexible resources to cultivate new student experiences and ensure that our school remains an engine for exploration

and discovery. The iFund will help support and scale innovative ideas from our students, faculty, alumnae, and community; generate real-world learning opportunities that connect curriculum to industry and life beyond the campus; and help shape Carondelet’s future as a place of active learning, a space for creative thought, a hub of entrepreneurship, a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations, and a destination for visitors. The possibilities for strategically programming in and around our I-Center are limitless with your support. Thank you.

The faculty, staff and students of Carondelet High School thank you in advance for your participation.  Bid high and bid often!