Social Justice & Immersion Programs

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Students on the Ven a Ver trip spend their last day working alongside the field workers harvesting spinach, cauliflower or lettuce in Castroville.

Many opportunities to create a more just community and world are available to students. The church's tradition of Catholic Social Ethics, a consistent ethic of life, and the CSJ charism provide the framework for the opportunities and emphases of our Social Justice program.


Any student interested in an immersion program for the 2018-19 school year, must submit an application by Friday, August 24 to the Campus Ministry office.

Ven a Ver - Salinas

Ven a Ver Salinas, CA is an immersion into the reality of homelessness and the migrant farm worker community. Students will travel to Salinas, CA to get a glimpse of the lives of those on the margins of our society. Days are spent cooking and serving food for the homeless, tutoring children, harvesting vegetables with migrant farm workers, and in prayer and reflection, among other things. The goal of this trip is for students to have a personal encounter with the migrant farm worker community and those who are homeless. We hope this encounter will enhance understanding of the Catholic concepts of Human Dignity and Solidarity.

Dates: Oct. 31 - Nov. 3, 2018
Cost: $250
All grades may apply.

Ven a Ver - D.C.

Ven a Ver Washington D.C. is an immersion into the reality of social injustice and political advocacy. Students will travel to Washington D.C. to participate in the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice with other high school and college students from across the country. Students will hear from experts and theologians about our responsibility to respond to the needs of our time. Students will have the opportunity to advocate for justice by going to the capitol and talking with elected congresspersons. The goal is for students to understand that faith and justice are intricately linked and to experience a personal conversion toward living a life of advocacy for and solidarity with the poor and marginalized in our world.

Dates: November 2-5, 2018
Cost: $800
All grades may apply.

Ven a Ver - San Diego

Ven a Ver San Diego, CA is an immersion into the reality of the US/Mexico border and immigration. Students will travel to San Diego, CA to experience the border first hand. They will meet with humanitarian aid workers, migrant day laborers, border patrol agents, and Catholic Charities social workers to more fully understand the experience of immigrants. Through prayer and sharing, students will reflect on these experiences. The goal of this immersion is for students to have a personal encounter with the border, while looking through the lens of faith, in order to have an informed opinion about immigration.

Dates: March 4-8, 2019
Cost: $350
Juniors & Seniors may apply.

Ven a Ver - Appalachia

Ven a Ver Appalachia Region, WV is an immersion into the reality of rural poverty in the Appalachia region of West Virginia. Students will participate in direct service which includes helping with home repair projects, serving in soup kitchens, working with children, the elderly, and other community revitalization projects. Additionally, students will learn about the social challenges of the region including a lack of adequate rural health care and understanding the impact coal-mining has had on the region. Students will participate in prayer and reflection through the lens of Catholic social teaching in order to form an opinion about and response to what they experience.

Dates: April 13-19, 2019
Cost: $1025
Juniors & Seniors may apply.

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is a one day immersion for juniors to St. Anthony’s Foundation in the tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Urban Plunge aims to give students a personal encounter with those who are poor and homeless in order to foster solidarity and respect for the human dignity of all people. Juniors participate in Urban Plunge in the spring with their religion class.

2018-19 Dates:
Wed., February 20
Wed., February 27
Mon., March 4
Mon., March 11
Wed., March 20
Mon., April 1
Wed., April 3
Thu., April 4
Tue., April 9

To apply or find out more about our immersion programs, contact Mrs. Lacy Matthews or Ms. Edie Payne in Campus Ministry.