Community Service

The Community Service program weaves through the academic, social, athletic, and spiritual life of the students and faculty at Carondelet High School. In every segment of the school, service opportunities are presented to all the members of the Carondelet Community.

Taking inspiration from the charism of Carondelet's founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, Carondelet High School has deeply embedded Community Service in the curriculum, co-curricular program, religious practice, and in our tradition.

Students who are interested in serving in the community can visit Ms. Natalie Terry or email her at

Frosh Day of Service - Wed. Oct. 18, 2018
During the Frosh Day of Service, the freshman class will be introduced to the Carondelet tradition of “serving our dear neighbor”. Students will have an opportunity to see what it’s like to volunteer their time in the many organizations in our community that strive to build peace, justice and sustainability in our world. Students go out and do service throughout the East Bay in the morning and spend the afternoon reflecting on their experiences, the people they met and how they can continue be of service to the community moving forward.