Since their inception, Visions of Christmas and the annual Golf Tournament have contributed over $5 million for facility enhancements and tuition assistance. These events have also helped to bring the greater school community together and to extend the School’s profile beyond Winton Drive. Your participation is welcomed as a sponsor, donor, volunteer or guest at any of these events.

Want to make our events even more special?

We always need volunteers and donors. The good news is that we have a great support network in place making your volunteer experience rewarding and enjoyable!

From helping to decorate for Visions, soliciting donations, chairing the boutique, baking, staging a silent auction table, playing the piano during Visions teas, setting up, taking down, delivering the Visions Trees, or determining golf games and prizes, there is something for everyone.

Enjoy great benefits!

    • As a current parent, meet new friends and earn PIP hours
    • As an alum, or alum parent, keep in touch with the people you met during your years at Carondelet
    • Network
    • Everyone can make a positive difference for Carondelet High School.
Join the fun by planning ahead to be a part of this year’s special events to support Carondelet High School! Please call Kathleen Henggeler at 925-686-5353 ext. 151 or Lynn Nicks ext. 153, if you have any questions or want to help. You can also email Kathleen at