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Introducing the Cannon Wellness Center

Carondelet is writing an important new chapter in its story by providing our students tools and resources they can draw upon for a lifetime.

The first phase of our Wellness Initiative includes construction of the Cannon, spanning 2,275 square feet in the Convent. It includes community  and private gathering spaces and is a crossroads, where students not only reset, but also connect. The Cannon will integrate a shared lounge area with individual spaces, and link to arts studios and the outdoors. Designed to encourage introspection, community and support, comfort and calm will dictate the look and feel of the Cannonincluding soft furniture, manipulatives, meditation aids, adaptable space to accommodate diverse wellness needs, natural light, and dedicated technology to encourage our students and guests to use devices in a way that helps instead of hurts.

Phase Two of the Wellness Initiative includes the design, build and landscaping in the Gratitude Garden, our outdoor wellness space for reflection, prayer, therapy, craft station, garden boxes, and so much more. Two sets of glass doors are included in this phase of the project which will require 3-6 months to complete. Phase Three includes enhanced programming and curriculum, funding for guest speakers, materials, technology, media and ongoing expenses. With your help and partnership, we can reach our goal for this important effort. 

We are offering dedicated space naming opportunities and monument recognition in and around the Cannon to honor your partnership and show our appreciation for your philanthropic support. View the naming opportunities below.

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Naming Opportunities

Rendering of the Cannon Wellness Center space. Rendering of the Cannon Wellness Center space.

The Hideout (Lounge) Donor Secured

  • A warm, cozy, and inviting central lounge space that encourages calm and quiet reflection. It includes comfortable seating and access to a variety of methods to de-stress and re-charge (fidgets, coloring, journaling, noise-canceling headphones to listen to music, guided meditations, virtual calm room, etc.).

HeART Gallery (Hallway) $50,000

  • A welcoming hallway running the length of the Cannon showcasing student art that celebrates all things Wellness. Comfortable couches and chairs along the long walk for students to settle, relax, and take in the artistic vibes.

Gratitude Garden (Courtyard) Donor Secured

  • A tranquil environment that facilitates relaxation, reflection, and taking in the healing qualities of nature. Comfortable outdoor seating and water feature.

The Hive (Community Room) Donor Secured

  • A welcoming, inclusive space that inspires communication, connection, and community. A room where students gather with open minds and hearts to share ideas, listen, and support one another.

Kitchen Sync (Kitchen/Art) Donor Secured

  • An energizing area all about creative expression and the healing/nourishing power of the creative process. Students will work side-by-side in a music-filled, uplifting space, with inspiring student art work displayed on the colorful walls.

Cloud 9 (Telehealth/Reset) Donor Secured

Starry 6 (Telehealth/Reset) Donor Secured

      • Small, cozy, and tranquil rooms that facilitate the safe feeling of a “warm hug” and allow students an opportunity to calm and re-center. Comfortable, private environments where students can also participate in telehealth appointments with their care providers.

Endowed Wellness Funds are also available, so your investment in Carondelet Wellness can help students for generations to come. This requires a $50,000 commitment, which can be paid over up to 5-years.

Please contact Lynne Sabbagha Kenny ’86 with questions or for additional information about these opportunities. We look forward to connecting.


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Cannon Wellness Center Sponsors

Donor Monument Recognition Levels

By making a gift at the levels listed below, you will be recognized on a donors’ monument in the Gratitude Garden of the Cannon Wellness Center. Donors will be recognized by donation levels.









Meet Our Wellness Team

Faculty & Staff



Stacie Besagno
“The Cannon Wellness Center will be an inclusive space that supports the social-emotional development of all our studentsthe understanding that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of wellbeing and relationship with others.”
- Stacie Besagno, Associate Director of Student Wellness



“We invite you, our Carondelet family, to join us in supporting this important and urgent initiative by making a gift today. Noelle’s lifeand by extension our family lifewas incalculably impacted by the support, acceptance, and affection she received at Carondelet. We want every student and family to have the opportunity to feel that kind of love.”
- Anne & Scott Cannon, P ’22


Sarah Alpert
“The Cannon Wellness Center is a landing place where your student will be heard. It is a student-centered space that speaks to all; here we put their needs, whatever they might be, at the forefront.”
- Sarah Alpert ’92, Student Wellness Counselor





Faculty & Staff

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