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2018-19 Athletics now available

Carondelet's SportsWare School ID: Cougars1133

To help guide you through the Carondelet High School athletics registration, instructional videos have been provided for the SportsWare Online process.

Please view these videos in order, as they will walk you through the entire registration process.

Carondelet High School Athletic Registration Instructional Videos

1. How to join

2. Logging in and the main screen

3. Filling out my information

4. How to fill out the medical history form

5. How to fill out the forms

6. Print exercise notices and handbooks

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Should you have additional questions regarding the registration process, please contact our Athletic Trainer, Emily Silva.

All athletes trying out for Spirit Cheer and Dance must complete the Cheer/Dance Waiver and bring it with them to the first day of tryouts.