Athletics Staff


Athletics Administration
Scott D. Kennedy Director of Athletics 925.686.5353 x168
Cat Arroyo Assistant Athletics Director 925.686.5353 x198
Emily Silva Head Athletic Trainer 925.686.5353 x142
Jessica Dominguez Athletic Trainer 925.686.5353 x142
Dani Bernat Strength & Conditioning 925.686.5353 x168


Cross Country    
Ashley Chavez Czyz '08 Head Coach
Debra Niethold Assistant Coach  
Mary Sandri Assistant Coach  
Rick Eisenhour Head Coach
Adam Chaffey Head Coach
Robert Leitz Assistant Coach  
Ken Schuler Head Coach
KIran Rai Assistant Coach  
Preston Shreck JV Head Coach  
Jerry Mix Head Coach
Andrew Marchesano Assistant Coach  
Mike Hertel JV Head Coach  
Kelly Ruff '18 JV Assistant Coach  
Chris Paik Frosh Head Coach  
Stephanie Cline Assistant Coach  
Water Polo    
Cat Arroyo Head Coach
Carrie Roberts Assistant Coach  
Cheyenne Pena JV Head Coach  
Brad Guslani JV Assistant Coach  
Michael Morris Head Coach
Melody Ladrido Assistant Coach  
Bradley Swint JV Head Coach  
Steve Peters JV Assistant Coach  
Christopher Sprague Frosh Head  
Kay Pham Frosh Assistant Coach  
Brandon Grays Assistant Coach  
Amy Apodaca Head Coach
Shelby Melvin Asst. Coach
Bradlee DeShane JV Head Coach
Ashley Mangini JV Assistant Coach  
Michael Galvan Frosh Head Coach
Suzanne Smith Head Coach
Jamie Frick Assistant Coach  
Jessica Mix Assistant Coach  
Katie Russell Assistant Coach  
Dominique Woodbridge JV Head  Coach  
Emily O'Connor JV Assistant Coach  
Eden Reid Head Coach
Katie Chatterton JV Head Coach
Brittany Loyola Assistant Coach  
Rick Jeffery Head Coach
Danielle Sanchez Assistant Coach  
Juliana Joseph JV Head Coach  
Mike Creecy Head Coach
John Snyder Assistant Coach  
Ian Buckles JV Head Coach
Chris Murphy JV Assistant Coach  
Carrie Roberts Head Coach
Kristina Levesque '06 JV Head Coach
Dan Cottam Assistant Coach  
Eric Holzheimer Head Coach
Dave Setnicker Assistant Coach  
Eden Reid Head Coach
Katie Chatterton Assistant Coach
Track and Field    
John Harvey Head Coach
Terrell Ward Sprints Coach  
Marvis Haley Pole Vault Coach  
Devon Tracy Sprints/Jumps Coach  
Ashley Czyz Distance Coach  
  Throws Coach


Carondelet Athletics Complex
3737 Valley Vista Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Carondelet High School is proud of its comprehensive athletics program and heritage and as such, we value all teams, sports, and student athletes equally at all levels of play. We consider athletics to be an integral part of the school community and, therefore, the Carondelet mission to live with heart, faith, and courage remains at the core of our athletic ideals. Carondelet is a place where young women enjoy the opportunity to develop athletic abilities consistent with the highest standards of academic scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship and school tradition.

A Carondelet student athlete is a confident and accomplished young woman who pursues the highest levels of intellectual, personal and athletic achievements.

Core Values
  • Character: We have heart, faith, and courage in all that we do. We conduct ourselves with grace under pressure and in the face of adversity.
  • Excellence: We dedicate ourselves to reaching our full potential, individually and as a team.
  • Citizenship: We are responsible, caring and active citizens within and beyond the Carondelet community.
  • Pride: We honor our rich and living tradition, and we know that our personal and team efforts and sense of purpose add to the pride we share as a community.