Summer @ Carondelet
for middle school and elementary school students


Carondelet’s middle school and elementary school programs provide wonderful ways to keep girls and boys engaged during the summer months.


Middle school programs sponsored by Carondelet have been cancelled for Summer 2019 due to a variety of circumstances, including the the Innovation Center's construction impact on campus facilities during the summer.

Please consider joining our Sports Camps or iDTech camps on our campus this summer.



Carondelet Athletics welcomes you to join our Sports Camps this Summer. Open to girls and boys from 3rd - 9th grades. Choose from 12 sports offered in 27 sessions.
Sports Camps


Carondelet and iD Tech are proud to partner to empower kids and teens of all skill levels discover coding, AI, machine learning, film, robotics, and game design, developing the in-demand skills needed to compete at top Bay Area companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google. For over 20 years, iD Tech has guaranteed small class sizes, the best tech-savvy staff, and forward-thinking curriculum, producing stunning results. 

Multiple courses each week from June 17 - July 26. 
Girls and boys ages 7-9, 10-12, and 13-17. 

See all iD Tech courses offered at Carondelet.



Other Summer Programs

Carondelet also offers sports camps for middle school girls and hosts co-ed camps for students in elementary and middle school.

Sports Camps
High School



Please email Principal Kevin Cushing at