Academic and Learning Support

Carondelet High School maintains that students, parents, and teachers collaborate in providing a quality education to all students at Carondelet. We believe in the dignity of the individual, the value of diversity and are committed to giving each student the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education in a caring environment. Carondelet recognizes that students with diagnosed needs may be in need of additional support to have equitable and reasonable opportunity for success.

The Academic Support Program is open to all students who may need extra support, (as deemed necessary by the Director of Academic and Learning Support and by Carondelet's Case Managers) and to students who have documented disabilities. The Case Managers oversee the program which provides students with alternative methods of accessing the curriculum, along with designing and implementing the Educational Accommodations Plan for students with documented learning differences, medical or psychological diagnoses.

Carondelet Academic Support Policy

Support Plans

There are different kinds of support that students may require (from temporary accommodations connected to a medical or prolonged absence to ongoing support connected to a documented learning disability). Different needs require different interventions and accommodations. A strong home-school partnership allows us to provide the right kind of support to students.

Carondelet Educational or Academic Plans (CEP or CAP) as defined in the Carondelet Academic Support Policy support a student to become an advocate for her educational needs. When a documented disability is identified, appropriate Carondelet faculty/staff will be provided with an Carondelet Educational or Academic Plan (CEP or CAP). These plans are created and implemented at the beginning of each school year to best serve the student’s educational needs. Teachers are confidentially notified at the start of each semester and a formal copy of the plan is maintained by the Case Managers. The plan includes reasonable accommodations for the student in the classroom environment, through instructional methods, and for classroom testing.

In order for a student to receive an Carondelet Education Plan (CEP), she must have an assessment within the last three years that confirms a disability in accordance to the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (stated in DSM V form if through private assessment). For a list of requirements, see the College Board Documentation page.

Assessments for documented learning differences, can either be through a Public School District, or through a private licensed assessor. The Case Managers will be able to help with the scheduling for testing through the Public School District.

If a student does not qualify for a CEP, but has an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, the student may qualify for successful support strategies and help in a regular classroom setting. Before receiving any kind of academic accommodations, a student must have a comprehensive medical diagnosis or a DSM V diagnosis stating this limitation.

EVALUATION OR ASSESSMENT MUST BE CURRENT - NO OLDER THAN THREE YEARS FROM REQUEST. A note from your physician does not waive the need for full documentation with complete information on accommodation needs or replace the need for a comprehensive evaluation from the Academic Support Team.

Additional documentation may be requested periodically to reevaluate the needs of the student.

Concussion Protocol

Return to Learn Protocol for Students and Parents

  1. Once a concussion is diagnosed, or suspected, parent will notify Attendance Officer, Ms. Malisa Meemari by phone 925.686.5353 x116 or email Parent will submit medical documentation to Ms. Meemari in the Attendance Office. Ms. Meemari will be the medical expert in confirming medical documentation has been submitted. Ms. Meemari will contact Mrs. Merrilee Silveira, Director of Academic and Learning Support. Mrs. Silveira will contact the parents and notify the student’s teachers. Teachers will only be notified if appropriate medical documentation has been submitted.
  2. Accommodations will be made by the teacher per the physician’s recommendations and/or at the teacher’s discretion. These accommodations will be recorded on the student’s google doc. All physician orders need to be followed. If specific accommodations have not been requested by the physician, the teacher can make the adjustments that he/she thinks are necessary based on discussions with the student. Mrs. Silveira may be consulted to assist in this process.
  3. Mrs. Silveira will work collaboratively with personal counselors and athletic trainer to monitor student’s progress toward recovery as it relates to academics.
  4. Every concussed student is required to meet with Mrs. Silveira to participate in the Return to Learn process.
  5. Any significant changes made by the doctor throughout the course of treatment need to be communicated to Ms. Meemari, Mrs. Silveira.
  6. Upon being cleared by the physician, the student MUST meet with Mrs. Silveira.
  7. Student-athletes must be back to normal academic activities before they are allowed to begin the Return to Play Protocol managed through the Mrs. Silveira.

Please contact Ms. Malisa Meemari or Mrs. Merrilee Silveira if you have any questions.

Mrs. Merrilee Silveira
Director of Academic and Learning Support
925.686.5353 x312

Extended Time for Standardized Testing

If your daughter qualifies for a Carondelet Education or Academic Plan (CEP or CAP) and are interested in accommodations for the PSAT/SAT/AP or ACT, you will need to complete a "Student Eligibility Form" that is available from the Case Managers.

Other Support Strategies

Students may need guidance and support linked to developing personal strategies for success that are less involved than obtaining documented plans.

Carondelet team members are available to help all students succeed. Some of the following strategies are recommended:

  • Study Hall
  • Study skills and time management workshops,
  • Tutoring via teacher office hours, and via National Honor Society (fill out this online form),
  • Academic coaching,
  • Summer learning experiences
  • Participation in mandated Carondelet after-school "Empowerment Hour"

Testing Accomodations

Extended time for testing occurs in a structured way. Extended time may be part of the Educational or Academic Plan, however, students may find that additional time is only necessary for certain subjects and in certain situations. If a student needs extended or modified testing on a regular basis, it is highly recommended that she be scheduled for no more than 60 units to ensure that one period in the day is dedicated to testing. This will ensure that the student does not miss valuable instructional time for testing thus reducing the anxiety and pressure students experience around testing.

Students can refer to the Carondelet Academic Support Policy for details on testing accomodations

Academic and Learning Support Dept

Our Director of Academic and Learning Support and Case Managers are available to help students through their educational journey.


Merrilee Silveira
Director of Academic and Learning Support

Samantha Martinez
Case Manager

Darren McKay
Case Manager