Educational Support

Carondelet High School affirms that students, parents and teachers collaborate in providing an education to all students at Carondelet. As found in our philosophy statement: "We believe in the dignity of the individual, the value of diversity..." and where each student is given the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education in a caring environment. Carondelet recognizes that students with diagnosed needs may be in need of additional support to have equitable and reasonable opportunity for success.

The Educational Support Program is open to all students who may need extra academic support, (as deemed necessary by the Director of Academic and Learning Support and by Carondelet's Learning Specialists) and to students who have documented disabilities. The Learning Specialists oversee the program which provides students with alternative methods of accessing the curriculum, along with designing and implementing the Educational Accommodations Plan for students with documented learning differences, medical or psychological diagnoses.

Educational Support Program Policy

Educational Accommodations Plan

The Educational Accommodations Plan supports a student to become an advocate for her educational needs. When a documented disability is identified, appropriate Carondelet faculty/staff will be provided with an Educational Accommodations Plan. This plan is created and implemented at the beginning of each school year to best serve the student’s educational needs. Teachers are confidentially notified at the start of each semester and a formal copy of the plan is maintained by the Learning Specialists. The plan includes reasonable accommodations for the student in the classroom environment, through instructional methods, and for classroom testing.

Educational Accommodations Plan

Documentation Requirements

In order for a student to receive an Educational Accommodations Plan, she must have an assessment within the last three years that confirms a disability in accordance to the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (stated in DSM V form if through private assessment). For a list of requirements, see the College Board Documentation page.

Assessments for documented learning differences, can either be through the Mount Diablo Unified School District, or through a private licensed assessor. The Learning Specialists will be able to help with the scheduling for testing through Mount Diablo Unified School District.

Extended Time for Standardized Testing

Students who want to apply for extended time for PSAT/SAT/AP or ACT, need to complete a "Student Eligibility Form" that is available from the Learning Specialist.

Educational Support Policy

For a student to receive an Educational Accommodations Plan, an understanding and agreement of our Educational Support Policy is necessary.

Jane Bradford
Learning Specialist
(students A-L)
925.686.5353 x335

Karen Denne
Learning Specialist
(students M-Z)
925.686.5353 x184