Student Support Services

In partnership with students, parents and teachers, Carondelet’s student support services creates an educational environment committed to the intellectual, personal and social development of each student. We seek to guide and empower students by connecting them with a broad network of support services provided by academic advisors, college counselors, personal counselors, and learning specialists.

Academic Support

Academic support services at Carondelet center upon helping all students succeed with the following strategies in place: Study skills, tutoring via teacher office hours, and via National Honor Society (email NHS here), time management, academic coaching, summer learning experiences, and student success intervention.

Student Success Team

Carondelet's Student Success Team (SST) is a problem solving and coordinating model that assists students, families, faculty, and staff in seeking solutions toward maximizing student potential with positive learning outcomes as an ideal. The SST model focuses in-depth on one student at a time, and invites the parent guardian and student to participate in this helpful and transformative process. Team members may also include: SST facilitator, secretary/recorder of SST information, administrators, school counselors, teachers, learning specialists, and educational support specialists. Additionally, the SST provides a structure to review the academic, behavioral, attendance, and health/well-being status of each student. Further, this process invites a group of individuals with a common goal to achieve success through supportive measures and multiple strategies.

Concussion Protocol

Return to Learn Protocol for Students and Parents

  1. Once a concussion is diagnosed, or suspected, parent will notify Attendance Officer, Ms. Malisa Meemari by phone 925.686.5353 x116 or email Parent will submit medical documentation to Ms. Meemari in the Attendance Office. Ms. Meemari will be the medical expert in confirming medical documentation has been submitted. Ms. Meemari will contact Mrs. Merrilee Silveira, Director of Academic and Learning Support. Mrs. Silveira will contact the parents and notify the student’s teachers. Teachers will only be notified if appropriate medical documentation has been submitted.
  2. Accommodations will be made by the teacher per the physician’s recommendations and/or at the teacher’s discretion. These accommodations will be recorded on the student’s google doc. All physician orders need to be followed. If specific accommodations have not been requested by the physician, the teacher can make the adjustments that he/she thinks are necessary based on discussions with the student. Mrs. Silveira may be consulted to assist in this process.
  3. Mrs. Silveira will work collaboratively with personal counselors and athletic trainer to monitor student’s progress toward recovery as it relates to academics.
  4. Every concussed student is required to meet with Mrs. Silveira to participate in the Return to Learn process.
  5. Any significant changes made by the doctor throughout the course of treatment need to be communicated to Ms. Meemari, Mrs. Silveira and Mrs. Stephanie Buika, Athletic Trainer (in the case of student-athletes).
  6. Upon being cleared by the physician, the student MUST meet with Mrs. Silveira and Mrs. Buika (in the case of student-athletes).
  7. Student-athletes must be back to normal academic activities before they are allowed to begin the Return to Play Protocol managed through the Mrs. Buika.

Please contact Ms. Malisa Meemari, Mrs. Merrilee Silveira, or Mrs. Stephanie Buika if you have any questions.

Mrs. Merrilee Silveira
Director of Academic and Learning Support
925.686.5353 x312

Mrs. Stephanie Buika
Athletic Trainer
925.686.5353 x142

Tutoring Available

Do you need extra help in a class? Our National Honor Society Students are available for tutoring. Simply send an email to with your name and the subject you need help in.

Academic Support

Self-advocacy is encouraged, and questions and concerns are directed by grade level to the following academic support members:

Merrilee Silveira
Director of Academic and Learning Support
925.686.5353 x312

Elizabeth Chapanot, Ph.D.
Vice Principal of Academics and Ed Tech
925.686.5353 x191