Educational Technology

At Carondelet, technology supports our mission by providing students, faculty, and staff with the tools to explore, collaborate, and create. Strategic priorities for the department are weaved in the school’s overall strategic plan to empower our faculty and staff to be educational leaders and our students to be tech-saavy, discerning, and compassionate young women.

Carondelet has been operating in a 1:1 environment for the last 5 years. We currently require all students to come to school with their own iPad. The iPads provide access to a variety of content creation and notetaking apps that give students complete mobility. The iPads further give students an ideal platform to access their digital textbooks and be connected real-time to Schoology, our school’s learning management system.

There is an expectation that students will also have access to a laptop or desktop to supplement the day to day classroom activities the iPads handle. Carondelet supports students who do not have their own laptop by giving access to the school’s library and computer labs for school use.