Early College Credit

Online Course Offerings from College of the Siskiyous

Below are the tuition-free course offerings for Spring 2019 as part of the Early College Credit Program. Students interested in enrolling in a course should have a free period. These are IGETC courses that will fulfill GE requirements for UC and CSU schools. AP students need to be sure not to take overlapping courses (e.g., AP Psychology students should not sign up for a psychology class here). There is no cost for the courses except for purchasing required textbook(s).

The core GE Humanities courses offered are:

Anthropology 1010 CRN 3047
Humanities 1001 CRN 3126 & 3127
Poly Sci 1001 CRN 3180
Psychology 1001 CRN 3186 & 3187
Sociology 1001 CRN 3193  & 3194

The above courses will be offered on a rotating basis so the returning ECC (Early College Credit) students will have the opportunity to take a new class and new ECC students can take a class that may have already been offered.


Spring 2019 Courses

ANTH 1010-CRN 3047 • Jan. 28 - May 23
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

3 units, Graded
This course is designed to present an overview of human cultures and the many remarkable ways in which humans adapt to their environment. The course includes sections on languages, archeology, ancient history and modern cultures, with an emphasis on living traditional cultures. (AA, CSU, UC)

HUM 1001-CRN 3126 • Jan. 28 - May 23
or CRN 3127 • Feb.11 - May 23
Introduction to Humanities

3 units, Graded
A broad introduction to the major forms and types of artistic expression: sculpture, architecture, painting, philosophy, literature, drama, dance, film, and music. (AA, CSU, UC) Prerequisite: ENGL 0900 or qualification through assessment.  We will need to get copies of your SAT scores and a transcript of current grades. 

POLS 1001- CRN 3180 • Jan. 28 - May 23
American Government: National, State, and Local

3 units, Graded
This introductory course explores the origins, foundations and development of the federal and California state governments and examines their institutions, political processes, and their functions. (AA, CSU, UC) Advisory: ENGL 1001 (7229-POLS 1001-Students enrolling in this section will need effective computer skills with reliable internet access. 

PSY 1001-CRN 3186 & 3187 • Jan. 28 - May 23
General Psychology

3 units, Graded
This is a basic course introducing psychology as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes through the exploration of major theories and concepts, methods, and research findings. Topics include biological bases of behavior, perception, cognition, learning, emotion and motivation, development, personality, social psychology, psychological disorders and therapies, and applied psychology. (AA, CSU, UC) 

SOC 1001-CRN 3193 • Jan. 28 - May 23
or CRN 3194 • Feb. 11 - May 23
Introduction to Socoiology

3 units, Graded
An introduction to the study of Sociology including its basic concepts, theories, and methods. Topics include analysis and explanations of different social systems, cultures, socialization, deviance, groups, social stratification, race, gender, minorities, and the family. (AA, CSU, UC)

Program Cost
There is only cost is for textbooks, there is no tuition cost to the student or families. 

Transfer of Units
The California Community College (CCC) courses we have selected are transferable to all UC and CSU schools.  We have selected courses that can be applied to the general education requirements of most campuses.

If you’re considering attending a private or an out-of-state school, call the admissions office of the universities in question and ask about the transfer of California Community College units, though we have found that the vast majority of colleges accept these units as part of general education course work.

Steps to Register
Look over the list of courses offered as part of the ECC program.  Meet with your counselor to plan your schedule, including taking the online courses.

Applications for enrollment in classes can be obtained from Principal Kevin Cushing. 

Once you are registered, Carondelet will create class lists in a Schoology Group, hold an orientation session, and monitor student progress through each course.

Additional Benefits

  • Cost-savings on future college course work
  • Guided transition to college level work
  • College scheduling flexibility
  • Learning how to navigate an online environment
  • The opportunity to make the college application more “attractive”
  • Strengthening time management skills while learning in a flexible learning environment
  • Gaining college credit for the cost of a textbook