What to Expect

What to Expect as a Freshman

Each student is assigned a Counselor who mentors and guides the student all four years. The Counselor gets to know your child- their hopes and aspirations. They also:

  • Clarify Carondelet graduation requirements
  • Review college/university requirements, focusing on the competitive four-year college requirements (A – G requirements for University of California System and California State University System along with out-of-state public and private colleges/universities)
  • Create an individualized tentative Plan of course selection for each student whereby they can plan for academic success based on student’s abilities and potential college majors.
  • Consider summer school and/or summer enrichment programs (academic, artistic, athletic, etc.)
  • Discuss current and potential Honors and future AP placement
  • Consider the relative importance of extracurricular activities and provide recommendations
  • Presentation about the “Road to College” and what can be done now.
  • Students are taught about our online college and career planning resources and complete the “Do What You Are” Myers Briggs interest inventory and assessment.
What to Expect as a Sophomore
  • Revisit the individual course selection plan
  • Do the “Career Interest Profile” to acquire one’s Holland Code Personality Assessment
  • Become more familiar with college/university requirements
  • Explore college options
  • Discuss the ACT, SAT, AP and Subject Tests
  • Explore extracurricular activities options including summer enrichment programs at schools and colleges that tie in with student’s potential college interests
  • Focus on ACT/SAT preparation in the summer before 11th grade; discuss options for times and dates to take the tests
  • College Information Evening fro Parents
What to Expect as a Junior
  • Focus on the college search process by researching college websites
  • Sign up to meet with college admissions representatives that visit Carondelet/ De La Salle
  • Attend lunch time Career Workshops that discuss helpful high school course, summer opportunities and provides college lists
  • Significant emphasis on helping the student apply to enriching summer experiences
  • Develop individualized college interest lists
  • Discuss and request letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches and employer
  • Guidance provided for students to create their “Brag Sheet” or Resume. Students receive an online college handbook known as “The E-Red Binder”
  • Finalize ACT/SAT preparation and plans for test dates
  • Attend Rising Senior “Road to College Night to review the college application process
  • Summer five day College Kickstart to jumpstart the college application process
  • Parents and students meet for private college counseling meeting during the summer.

What to Expect as a Senior

Follow up with college counselor regarding letters of recommendation and other materials to be sent to colleges, including essays, portfolios, etc.

  • Provide recommendations for “good value” colleges and/or colleges which may provide scholarship opportunities
  • How to find and apply for scholarships session
  • Lunch time Career Workshops
  • Sign up to meet with college admissions representatives that visit Carondelet/ De La Salle
  • Provide recommendations regarding “how to apply” such as choosing between Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision and other application methods
  • Financial Aid Parent Information Night
  • Workshops on all aspects of college application process
  • College Essays and application workshops help plus additional essay editing day held on same day as PSAT test
  • Obtain significant guidance with developing the final college list
  • One-on one meetings with counselor to review essays
  • Counselor reviews all applications
  • Counselor serves as advocate, touchstone, cheerleader, information center, expectations wrangler and a warm heart with great listening skills.