College Counseling

Carondelet’s College Counseling provides a supportive environment in which students can identify their goals, reflect on their talents and passions, and make good and confident decisions about higher education. We guide students in the self-reflection and evaluation, research, and application writing that is the key to good college selection.

At Carondelet, College Counselors are assigned to students and meet with their advisees starting in the freshman year. Four counselors, who have about 50 students at each grade level, build rapport and knowledge of each unique student as they meet over the course of four years. The counselor helps the student choose an appropriately challenging class schedule and advises her about athletics, extracurricular activities (including summer opportunities), and standardized tests, in line with the student’s goals and interests.

A key element in the college application process is finding a good “fit” for each student. Just getting into college is not the focus: getting into the right school is. Our goal is to provide our students with the right foundation and guide their college selection process so they will be successful in college and in life.

Ms. Lim, Ms. San Miguel, Mrs. Sciacca, Mrs. Jessop, Mrs. Paz-Rumore

Find your counselor!

The first letter of the student's last name corresponds to her counselor as follows:

Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021
A-D | Liz Paz-Rumore, JD - Director of College Counseling

E-L | Colleen Lim - College Counselor

M-Q | Lisa Sciacca - College Counselor

R-Z | Ginger Jessop - College Counselor

Classes of 2022
A-C | Liz Paz-Rumore, JD - Director of College Counseling

D-K | Colleen Lim - College Counselor

L-Q | Lisa Sciacca - College Counselor

R-Z | Ginger Jessop - College Counselor

Schedule a meeting

Students are welcome to schedule a meeting with their college counselor. Find your counselor below and click the link to see their availability. Appointments are 20 minutes long and available during break, lunch, 7th period, or after school. These appointments are for students only.

Calendar of events

March - May College Criteria Meetings for Juniors
March - May
Counselors meet 1:1 with juniors to discuss their college criteria and build their college list.
11 students
April 30

Senior Celebration
Afternoon X-Block

Seniors, join your college counselors to celebrate your 2-year and 4-year college plans! Important last steps will be reviewed.

12 Students
May 1

Road to College Night, Part 2
6:30 p.m.
Garaventa Center

College Representatives will lead breakout sessions about selective college admissions, community college options, the CSU system, scholarships, WUE, and transition programs for first generation and/or underrepresented students.

10 & 11 Students + Parents
May 3 College Sweatshirt Day
Seniors, celebrate your 2-year and 4-year college plans by wearing your college sweatshirt.
12 Students
May - July

Class of 2020 Parent/Guardian Meetings
Late May - July

College Counselors meet 1:1 with rising seniors and their parents/guardians to review students’ college lists, application timelines, and next steps.

11 Students + Parents
June 3-7 College Kick-Start
During this college application boot camp, rising seniors will refine their college lists, draft their college essays and get a head start on their college applications.
11 Students