Student Recognition Awards 2019

We are pleased to honor students who have distinguished themselves academically and in service to their class and community. Carondelet is proud to recognize freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who exemplify the mission of the school as they strive to become young women of heart, faith and courage. We have so much to recognize, to honor, as our young women are incredible exemplars of achievement, talent, compassion and giving. And we fully recognize that beyond these awards, the day-to-day accomplishments of our students, those here and those who are not, are also worthy of recognition and deserving of effusive praise.

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The English Department strives to challenge and inspire students to be creative and critical thinkers, confident communicators, and empathetic global citizens. Carondelet English students consider and communicate complex ideas, develop their sense of personal identity, and use the power of language to boldly engage with the world as women of heart, faith, and courage. This year, the English Department would like to honor the following students who have demonstrated excellence and enthusiasm in these areas.

Isa Hanck '22
Lauren Roach '22
Ysabel Aguirre '21
Lauren Rivera '21
Laura Bocek '20
Katherine Blobner '20
Nicole Iriarte '19
Jessica Martin '19


The Kinesiology Department's goal is to provide students with a solid understanding of health and human performance that will help meet their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Kinesiology works to promote lifelong learning and participation in human movement that will enhance their quality of life now and in the future. This year, the Kinesiology department would like to honor the following students who demonstrated outstanding performances in their area of study, exhibited stellar work ethic and showed a genuine enthusiasm for learning in their classes.

Alexia Marquez '21
Julia Haggerty '21
Lea Dulay '21
Maddie Winter '20 - Sports Med
Olivia Bruzzone '20 - Sports Med
Abby Denton '19 - Dance
Tara Henrikson '19 - Dance

Frosh Wellness

We congratulate two students who are our award recipients for Frosh Wellness: Mind, Body Spirit. These two students have demonstrated consistent high levels of effort in this course, integrating faith with components of physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Isa Hanck '22
Nicole Abudayeh '22

Religious Studies

The religious studies awards recognize students who live gospel values, while diligently pursuing the questions of religious study, demonstrating both excellence in academic work and extraordinary effort. Selected students contribute thoughtful reflections to class discussions, interact respectfully with students and teachers, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm in all class work, complete excellent work displaying a high degree of effort, exceeding expectations when extra help is needed.

Kayla Ponce '21
Angeline Brady '21
Katherine Blobner '20
Rachel Gotvald '20
Mackenzie Hastings '20
Lourdes Latasa '19
Zoe Heilmann '19


The math department aims to empower young women with a growth mindset when it comes to mathematical learning and ability. Our courses challenge students with inter-connected math tasks that give students the opportunity to struggle, persevere, discover & grow. The students recognized today have embraced challenge and have shown exceptional growth through their hard work, courage in the face of mistakes, and love of learning. We celebrate this honorable level of excellence in mathematics.

Lauren Roach '22
Haley Rohrig '22
Catherine DeVincenzi '21
Bobbie Baker '21
Laura Bocek '20
Liz Ericson '20
Ellen Jurgens '19
Caitlin Lightle '19

Modern Language

Modern Language Department Academic Awards are presented to students who are enthusiastic about learning a second language. These students demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding effort in their Modern Language class, as well as curiosity and respect in their study of other cultures.

Allie Johnson - Spanish 1
Alison Arndt - French 1
Delaney Maloney - Italian 1
Melissa Lafrades - Latin 1
Molly Fuchs-Townzen - ASL 1
Isa Hanck - Spanish 2
Cindy Cardenas - Spanish/Her. Spe. 2
Olivia Braulik - French 2
Andie Angelacci - Italian 2
Grace Baer - Latin 2
Nicole Williams - ASL 2
Olivia Pinto - Spanish 3
Carissa Capinpin - French 3
Abby Denton - French 3 honors
Margaret Heiskell - Italian 3
Lindsay Huguet - Italian 3 honors
Sophie Hermelin - Latin 3
Sommer Leitz - ASL 3
Isabella Sanchez Beard - Spanish 4
Natalie Ionescu - AP Spanish
Delaney O'Connell - AP French
Malena Rico - AP Italian


Observing, inferring, analyzing, predicting and questioning - this is what scientists are made of. It is the goal of the science department to assist our students in becoming scientifically literate, in a world that has great need for global citizens who are able to problem solve, think critically, those that can make sound decisions based in science and faith. The following ladies have been recognized by their teachers for their scientific minds, their magnificent effort, perseverance and creative imaginations.

Kristin Rizkalli '22
Kylie Williamson '22
Elizabeth Chung '21
Gianna De Mayo '21
Sophia Hermelin '20
Caitlin Pappalia '20
Emily Howie '19
Lourdes Latasa '19

Social Studies

As teachers of social studies, we continually challenge our students to build life-long skills; skills that help them critically evaluate their own standing as citizens, not only as Americans, but as citizens of a global society. Students who have earned this department award raise the bar -- for both students and faculty -- by demonstrating the values of hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm for social studies. The following students exemplify these traits.

Nicole Abudayeh '22
Lauren Roach '22
Isa Hanck '22
Lucy Lamborn '22
Jana Labib '19
Emily Howie '19
Paige Tagg '19
Bailee Smallwood '19

Visual and Performing Arts

The Carondelet Visual and Performing Arts and Computer Science Department recognizes students who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate about the arts and computer science. The students chosen by the department have established a record of academic achievement and high quality work in the visual and performing arts or computer science. They have shown evidence of purposefulness and potential to grow and advance in their artistic or computer science career.

Naye Ramos - Visual Art
Dejia Zambrano - Visual Art
Angeline Brady - Visual Art
Maxine Galvan - Visual Art
Kathryn Styrlund - Theater
Lilly Jansen - Theater
Samantha Marchetti - Music
Amanda Chloe Manaois - Music
Liz Ericson - Computer Science
Lily Madrigal - Computer Science

Visual and Performing Arts Special Awards

Over the summer students on the Yearbook staff spent one week at CSU East Bay Hayward Campus working on this year's book. This year they earned 2nd place for their 2019 yearbook design presentation. Please join me in congratulating the following girls.

Grace Groeniger
Lauren Diaz
Mia Brofferio

The National School Choral Award is the highest honor for high school choral performers. At Carondelet we recognize the dedication and musical achievement of the top female choral student in the junior class.

Margaret Heiskell '20

We continue Carondelet's Company tradition where we recognize a cast and a crew member for their commitment, talent, and expertise in Company's Theater Arts productions. These women have donated several hours to their craft, and their efforts have brought joy to countless audience members in our community. We applaud their work and would like to recognize their efforts and talent today.

Jessica Pulver - Cast
Yesenia Cardona - Crew

College & Career

We would like to recognize a group of juniors who are receiving special awards. The juniors were selected for these awards according to the requirements set forth by the awarding institutions and recommendations of the respective departments.

Caitlin Papalia'20 - Brandeis University Book Award

Julia Nuti '20 - Brown University Book Award

Jillian Trilevsky '20 - Bryn Mawr College Book Award

Emma Rose Lowery'20 - California Mathematics Council Certificate of Achievement

Gabriella Williams '20 - Centre College Fellows Scholarship Program

Eva Eleftheriadis '20 - Columbia University Book Award

Laura Bocek '20 - Dartmouth Club Book Award

Katie Callahan '20 - Denison University Book Award

Lindsey Huguet '20 - Harvard Book Prize

Grace Hatfield '20 - George Washington University Book Award

Lauren McGrath '20 - Mount Holyoke College Book Award

Kaitlyn Sheffield '20 - Oberlin College Book Award

Haley Brathwaite '20 - Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award from Chatham College

Mykenzie Clark '20 - Randolph College Book Award

Katherine Blobner '20 - Saint Anselm College Book Award

Liana Huerta '20 - Saint Lawrence University Book Award

Amanda Chloe Manaois '20 - Saint Michael's College Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience

Mary Claire Davis '20 - Smith College Book Award

Sophia Hermelin '20 - The Rensselaer Medal from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of New York

Jayme Blackard '20 - United States Army Reserve National Scholar-Athlete Award

Giovanna Baldacci '20 - University of Pennsylvania Book Award

Olivia Pinto '20 - University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award

Jasmine Smalling '20 - University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Science

Natalie Ionescu '20 - University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award

Danielle Baur '20 - University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology

Carissa Wu '20 - US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

Margaret Gomez '20 - US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award

Elizabeth Ericson'20 - Wellesley College Book Award

Rachel Gotvald '20 - Wesleyan Book Award

Claire Halim '20 - Williams College Book Award

Girls State representative

Natalie Ionescu '20

AP Scholars
Students who received scores of 3 or higher on three of more Advanced Placement exams.

Natalie Brown '19
Nicole Iriarte '19
Jana Labib '19
Kasey Madsen '19
Jessica Martin '19
Olivia Mulchaey '19
Stephanie Perezalonso '19
Carly Ross '19
Emily Yamasaki '19

AP Scholar with Honor
Granted to one senior who received an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken adn scores of 3 or higher on four or more of those exams.

Sofia Brinkerhoff '19

AP Scholar with Distinction
Granted to one senior who received an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of those exams.

Lourdes Latasa '19

National Merit Commended students

Grace Leary '19
Caitlin Lightle '19

National Hispanic Recognition recipients

Lourdes Latasa '19
Natalie Meyer '19

National Honor Society Scholarship national semifinalist

Christina Abudayeh '19

Campus Ministry

As our mission states, Carondelet High School seeks to inspire excellence by preparing young women to live with Heart, Faith, and Courage in the catholic tradition and spirit of the sisters of St. Joseph. Each year, Campus Ministry acknowledges students who have lived their faith and the Mission of our school in extraordinary ways.

Isis Tolson '19 - Dorothy Day Award
Alex Schwenger '19 - St. Teresa of Calcutta Award
Ariana Carra '19 - St. Teresa of Avila Award
Athena Aracia '19 - Sr. Eleanor Eagan, CSJ Award


The Leader of Heart award is given to those students nominated from the class moderators, faculty and staff that have made a true impact on our school. They are inclusive, spirited, positive, outgoing and a true leader in every sense of the word. They impact those they connect with on a daily basis by reaching out to others with their lively personalities and help to create a positive culture on our campus.

Nicole Abudayeh '22

Kaisey Baker '21

Lindsey Huguet '20

Lulu Arrigoni '19

Marie'sa Rumsey '19

Sammie Marchetti '19

Charism Award

This award depicts a student who represents our school's mission and charism with the utmost sincerity of heart and sense of hospitality. This student will continue to let this charism shine to all they encounter throughout their life.

Christina Abudayeh '19


Our Scholar Athlete of the year is presented to the most outstanding athlete of the 2018-2019 school year while maintaining a 3.75 GPA or higher during her season of sport. This award recognizes excellence in the classroom and on the playing field in season. This year, our Scholar Athlete Award goes to Basketball student athlete Emily Howie with an in season GPA of 4.45. Emily will be attending Johns Hopkins in the fall to study to be a doctor and of course play basketball.

Emily Howie '19

Our Student Athlete of the Year is presented to the most outstanding student athlete of the 2018-2019 school year. She is a confident and accomplished young woman who consistently pursues the highest levels of excellence. This year we are lucky enough to have two Athletes of the Year. Both of these young women are leaders in their programs. One shows her leadership on the soccer field while the other shows hers on the basketball court. I am pleased to announce our Athletes of the Year, Angelina Anderson and Alexandra Bamberger. Angie will be attending University of California, Berkeley for soccer and Ali will attend the University of Washington for basketball.

Anglina Anderson '19

Ali Bamberger '19