Soccer Draws Large Crowd for SOS Game

Hundreds of fans flooded the Carondelet Athletics Center, Jeffery Field, on a clear night to watch the Carondelet Cougars take on the Monte Vista Mustangs. The Cougars (10-0-6) faced a Mustangs team (12-1-1) in a match-up of two of California's top teams. The Cougars took their first loss of the season in an exciting match that featured some outstanding play.

The Cougars struck first when Jordyn Young scored a quick goal 5:36 into the first half on a perfectly placed assist by Dani Wozniak. The touch pass led to an unstoppable blast. Less than three minutes later, the Mustangs knotted the game at 1 before putting up a second goal less than 3 minutes after the first. At the end of the first half the Mustangs led 2-1 and outshot the Cougars 7-6, seeming to control the tempo.

Monte Vista's third goal came 14:19 into the second half on an improbable score that came off one foot and two heads. Cougar Keeper Angelina Anderson seemed to cover an enormous amount of ground moving right and left on a shot that ping-ponged back and forth and into the net.

The Cougars bounced back and outshot the Mustangs 8 to 5 in the second half. Jordyn Young scored her second goal of the night on an assist from Annaliese Giusto 18 minutes into the second have and less than 4 minutes after the Mustang's third goal. Down 3-2, the Cougars had three consecutive shots in less than two minutes but seemed to keep everything center and directly at the Mustang keeper. The Cougars had one corner kick late into the second half and two more shots that again were directly into the Mustang keeper in the final seconds.

The Cougars (now 10-1-6) take on San Ramon (11-5-4) on February 5 in what should be another fan-filled night of soccer and another SOS game at the Carondelet Athletics Complex, Jeffery Field.