Eight Carondelet Students Honored for Their Outstanding Community Service

Concord, Calif. (April 6, 2017) -- Carondelet was pleased to honor eight amazing students today with Jefferson Awards for their outstanding community service. Jefferson Awards is a national organization which supports, encourages, and recognizes high school students who perform extraordinary service.

Each year, Carondelet allows faculty, staff, students and parents to nominate a member of the community who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to service. This year, eight impressive students were selected to receive the awards, and they truly live out the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph to "serve the dear neighbor."

"The Jefferson Awards allow us to celebrate the vibrant culture of service at Carondelet. Our students have done amazing work and demonstrated such passion for serving the dear neighbor. We are extremely proud of all they have accomplished." said Carondelet Principal Kevin Cushing.

The recipients for Special Project were Sophia Anderson, class of 2018 and Cassidy Tshimbalanga, class of 2018. The recipients for Continuous Service were Lauren Cademartori, class of 2018, Kathleen Stein, class of 2018, Ashley Ng, class of 2017, Katherine Pappas, class of 2018, Annabelle Vasconi, class of 2020 and Lauren Wolf, class of 2018.

Sophia A. founded a non-profit organization called Para Ti Global in her freshman year. Her organization helps children in the United States, Mexico and the Philippines by providing food, financial aid, and school supplies to help them break the cycle of poverty and promote education. So far, Para Ti Global has helped feed over 700 people and sent 300 people off to school.

Cassidy T. launched 5forFlint in 2016. Her fundraising campaign raised $1,000 by matching funds to help the children in Flint, Michigan suffering during the water contamination crisis. Her support allows critical public health services to help children who were exposed to lead in their drinking water.

Lauren C. has been volunteering with the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area since her freshman year. She has spent over 900 hours volunteering with Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area. She plans to spend her summer volunteering with the Special Olympics in addition to continuing her service at the Connection.

Kathleen S. has completed over 480 hours of service at Camp Krem, a camp for people of all ages who are living with a range of disabilities. She has worked in their summer Communications Readiness Program with Lauren C., and Kathleen is currently volunteering weekly at the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area in a class of young adults with Down Syndrome.

Ashley N. started volunteering at the Animal Rescue Foundation in 6th grade. Currently, she volunteers at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience as a Senior Interpretive Guide, which gives her the chance to train a group of four to five other high school students in the caretaking of the Pet Education animals as well as doing presentations with a few of the animals in the wild.

Katherine P. performs ongoing community service as a committed volunteer of Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley. She volunteers building homes for the less fortunate and engages in building tasks such as carpentry, metalwork and painting. Her devotion to giving back to her community is reflected in her working eight hour days, every three weeks for the past year as an active volunteer for Habitat.

Annabelle V. has been volunteering through the National Charity League for many organizations including the Bay Area Rescue Mission, Children's Hospital in Oakland, and Swim a Mile for Women's Cancer. She is an Altar Server at St. Perpetua Church, helps them with parish dinners and bakes cookies for the less fortunate. She just started volunteering for the Special Olympics East Bay Sea Serpents.

Lauren W. is a member of The Marine Mammal Center's Youth Crew Program with over 270 hours of service and counting. Lauren dedicates her Friday nights to care for sick and injured marine mammals. Based on her dedication and performance, Lauren was asked to represent The Marine Mammal Center at recruiting events and on educational panels. She was also chosen to sit on the inaugural TMMC Youth Advisory Board.