Carondelet Students Interviewed on Spanish Television
When Natalie Ionescu '20 and Jackie Brown '20 created Cartas Con Amor (Letters with Heart) they brought a sense of caring to hundreds of detained immigrants at the U.S. and Mexican border. With the help and guidance of Modern Language teacher Karina Thor and Campus Ministry, Natalie and Jackie learned anxiety may weigh down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.

Natalie and Jackie solicited students in Spanish classes at Carondelet and De La Salle and requested that they write letters of encouragement, hope, and peace to detainees and immigrants at the U.S. and Mexican border. They collected 416 Spanish written letters and stickers and drove them to San Diego. Working with Border Angels, they delivered letters and stickers to adults and children.

They saw the downtrodden spirits rise with a simple act of human compassion and generosity. Natalie and Jackie were also interviewed in Spanish via Skype by a Spanish news station featured on the attached news clip.

Jackie commented that it was a very humbling and great experience to offer solace to people who need kind words. They also created an Instagram account @Cartas.Con.Amor for students to follow progress and submit letters.