Carondelet Jams with the Melodores

Students in Ms. Amy Way's Choir class enjoyed the opportunity to jam with the Melodores, an internationally, traveling a cappella group from Vanderbilt University. Our students worked in small groups with the Melodores and then had an opportunity to sing with them. "I loved seeing the interaction between the Melodores and our students. It was inspiring seeing them work in conjunction with each other and see the creative juices flowing. I couldn't stop smiling after hearing them perform their song after the break-out sessions," said Melissa Jose, Carondelet's Parent Association Board President and Vice President, Board of Directors for the Diablo Regional Arts Association (DRAA).

Much of this collaboration could not have happened without the help of Melissa Jose. "As a Carondelet parent, and a Board Member of DRAA, I feel strongly about the arts whether you are a participant or an observer. The arts bring joy and offer a means of self-expression and balance between the rigors of schoolwork and mental well-being," said Melissa.

DRAA works in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente sponsored College Notes to provide the type of community outreach that expands the arts experience. Orchestrating workshops with the college participants of DRAA and local high school students, College Notes enriches the lives of those who enjoy participating in and observing the arts.

Former Executive Carondelet Board Member Sharon Capece, mother of Kendra Capece '08, also serves as the Community Relations Director for DRAA and helped bring this collaboration together. She knows the quality and empowerment of arts education. "With art in their lives students are more successful both socially and academically. Whether it is visual or performing arts, art awakens our imagination and helps us see the world anew, filling our souls and making us happier," said Sharon. Music, as many of the Melodores mentioned, improves their academic lives (by helping them cope with stress), expands their social lives, and facilitates their ability to navigate their time management skills.

It should be noted that the majority of the Melodores are not music majors and have found a way (thanks to College Notes and DRAA) to incorporate the love of music into their lives and into the hearts of our students, faculty, and parents. Take a moment to listen to the peppy a cappella renditions in this story and enjoy the easy sounds of the Melodores and Carondelet Choir.