Summer Experiences 2017

While summer can be a great time for relaxing, catching up with friends and earning a little spending money, many Carondelet students also experienced life-changing internships, trips and service learning opportunities. Here are just a few examples of what our students have been up to:

Shelby B. '20

Sophomore Shelby B. spent two weeks this summer on a mission trip in Costa Rica with Believers World Outreach. While in Central America, Shelby helped with Bible School, homeless children, sports camps, the nursery, and fostering girls as young as 8, who had been trafficked.

"It was extremely eye-opening, and a privilege to be able to help them," Shelby said. "I had no idea just how real and intense this issue is."

Shelby also went hours away to Talamanca, where she met the BriBri Tribe. Here, she and her new friends helped rebuild a church, paint, garden, plan a festival, and learn about their culture.

"So much was going on every single day, but hanging out at the orphanage with the kids at Timothy House was one of my favorites. The kids sing, dance, give testimonies, and deliver the message. It was an amazing experience!"

Lauren A. '19

This summer, I had the opportunity to train with Complexions Contemporary Ballet and Joffrey Ballet School. Complexions is known to be the one of most accomplished contemporary ballet companies in the world. I had the chance to work with their two Artistic Directors, Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Both universities are amongst the top 10 best college dance programs.

The Joffrey San Francisco Ballet Intensive is the West coast Flagship program which focuses on contemporary ballet focus, but also works on classical ballet, pointe, and contemporary classes in repertory, improvisation and choreography.

I am humbled by these amazing intensives to work on my technique and artistry that has allowed me like to grow as both an artist and as person.

Summer in the Tech World
Geline M. '18

It was an amazing eight weeks at Autodesk in San Francisco where I was accepted as a tech intern through the Girls Who Code program. I was joined by other students from California, the East Coast, and Africa who also shared an interest for the tech world. Over the eight weeks in the office, we learned multiple coding languages such as Python, participated in numerous workshops, attended conferences, networked with entrepreneurs, and toured major tech companies like Pinterest.

Throughout the program I developed coding skills while cultivating my love for design. By the end of the program, two interns and I created a mobile friendly website which we hope to make available as an app in the future.

Working alongside tech professionals this summer allowed me to explore future career options and has helped me in the college planning process. My tech internship was truly an enriching and inspiring experience.

Easter Island in the summer
Cassidy T. '18

This summer, I traveled with my family to visit Easter Island, located in the Pacific Ocean at the southeastern most point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania. We were inspired to take a tour of South America to visit archeological sites, including Machu Picchu in Peru, and the historic Moai statues.
Rapa Nui is the original name of the Island, and it is extremely remote. To get there, we took a 5-hour flight from Santiago, Chile, which is the most direct route to the Island.
I learned that the Moai statues face the community with their backs to the ocean to watch over the community. There are over 900 on the Island dating back to the 13th century, and they were usually erected to memorialize the death of someone important in the community. The Polynesian culture is so inviting and the residents were eager to share the history of their island."

15 Feet that Changed My Summer
Annika B. '18

On June 20th at Sequoayah CC in Oakland I had a 15 foot putt for birdie on the 18th hole that would catapult me into my dream of qualifying for the USGA Girls Junior National Golf Championship later in the summer. It was my ultimate dream to achieve such an accomplishment and I had even more determination than before. Throughout the day, I had been playing great but needed to shave off one more stroke to qualify for the event. On the last hole, I hit my approach shot to about 15 feet for a chance to punch my ticket to Missouri. After looking at my line, I rolled a smooth putt going straight for the hole...and it went in! I will never forget the feeling of awe, shock, and happiness as my caddy and dad cheered. It was truly a humbling yet incredible moment that I will never forget.

Pia Anderson '18

This summer was very exciting for Pia Anderson '18. She went back to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and visited all of the children that Para Ti Global supports. Pia and her family played music with the children, brought them food and toys, and participated in various sports with them.

During this visit, Pia and her family spent more time at an organization called "Pasitos de Luz", which focuses on providing daily care and emotional support for children with severe disabilities. Pia administered food through G tubes, assisted the staff in daily exercises, and helped children with hygienic tasks.

This has been the 5th year of existence for Para Ti Global, and Pia is looking forward to further expanding Para Ti Global with the help of her fellow brothers and sisters at Carondelet & De la Salle. Para Ti Global would like to thank Carondelet HS for all of its support.

Big Action for Junior Giants
Athena S. '20

During the summer, Athena coached the Concord Junior Giants sponsored by Concord PAL. The league is a free, noncompetitive, coed summer baseball league for youth ages 7-13. Junior Giants reaches into communities and offers youth a chance to learn the basics of baseball during the summer while also discovering the importance of education, self-esteem, team work, and respect. Athena enjoyed coaching Jr. Giants. "I was a participant in Jr. Giants for 3 years and loved it, I volunteer now so I can give back", says Sanchez. "What I learned from Carondelet softball team, I applied to the kids I coached in Jr. Giants. I look forward for next Summer".

Did you have a unique experience over the summer you'd like to share?

Students (or parents) can use our online form to submit a short article and one photo to tell us about the unique and interesting activities they did this summer. We will be featuring these stories on our website, through e-news and on social media. It's one more way for us to celebrate our students' success!

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