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This past week, the College & Career Counselors met with freshmen through their Religious Studies classes. The purpose of the sessions was four-fold: to better acquaint students with their college counselors (assigned by alphabet), to explore the course catalog and 4-year plan, to introduce Naviance, our online college and career platform, and to have freshmen complete an exploratory career inventory. The career exploration and subsequent self-discovery are meant to offer students clues to their innate abilities and to expand possibilities in terms of future careers. The results of each student's Career Interest Profiler and corresponding assignment will provide the counselors with valuable information that will be used during one-on-one Academic Advising in February. Ask your daughter to share her results (and her Holland Code!) with you.

Please note: for those students who were absent, a make-up session has been scheduled this week.

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Upper level students in Sra. MacLean's class researched about a Spanish artist of their choice and demonstrated their learning both orally and written. They replicated an art from their famous artist, thus creating a classroom mini museum exhibit. Finally, students created a concise audio presentation file which they imbedded in a QR code (similar to a scan bar).

Lower level Spanish students use a QR reader to listen, as they would in a virtual self-guided museum tour, to other students' recordings, enhancing both their listening comprehension and knowledge of Spanish culture.

Students enjoyed learning about art and Spanish culture while using the target language. The use of innovative technology increased their engagement in learning and sparked their curiosity.

(Scan the QR code to hear Sophie S. and Alex B.'s audio presentation)

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Note: All incoming freshman parents must set up an account in Cervis (our volunteer management program). Current parents, please check your Cervis account for dates of expiration on paperwork.

1. Have you completed a livescan (fingerprinting) test for Carondelet?

2. Do you have a current copy of a TB Assessment Questionnaire or TB test results on file?

3. Have you completed the child abuse awareness training on-line course and provided Carondelet with the certificate? (

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