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As we have announced at numerous parent meetings and parent educational gatherings, De La Salle and Carondelet have been working on a new bell schedule since 2008.

A committee was formed with representatives from both campuses to research and recommend a bell schedule that would be more effective in terms of providing greater time for non-academic events and programming built into the daily schedule. This recommendation was received last year, and based on further input, was modified. The collaborative efforts from both the De La Salle and Carondelet faculty and staff are greatly appreciated, as modifying the daily schedule at schools, especially schools that share students as we do, can be problematic.

Click here to download the new bell schedule.

We feel that this bell schedule provides the following advantages:

A more consistent and earlier release time at the end of the day

  • Less distress caused by the plethora of special schedules now in use
  • Less class time lost for modified scheduling needs
  • Instructional time ends at 1:55 p.m. on Thursday on the Carondelet campus, which creates less missed class time for athletes and students participating in extracurricular events
  • A dedicated time during the school day on Wednesday and Thursday for tutoring, office hours, club meetings, make-up testing and other academic opportunities for students
  • With the addition of X blocks for tutoring, make-up testing and other academic needs, students will now have a "sacred" lunch or "down-time" in the middle of the busy day
  • Two late start days for students
  • A more viable period 7 academic offering time slot for Carondelet in terms of teacher preparation and planning

For future reference, you can access our new bell schedule on the parent and student portal of our website under "quick links."

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Our French 3 Honors class is going back to Carondelet's roots with their latest project. It all began when one of our talented French teachers, Mrs. Jennifer Mammola, was put in contact with her counterpart Ms. Valerie Jamison, an English teacher at Saint Jacques de Compostelle, a CSJ high school in Le Puy, France. The Sisters of St. Joseph started their incredible work in Le Puy in the 17th century, and now, our students have the chance to reconnect with this amazing place through this special project.

The students in Le Puy sent our students an introductory video talking about their school in English. In turn, our students will be sending them a similar video about life at Carondelet in French. The ultimate goal of this project is to pair each French student with a Carondelet student and have them correspond with each other on a regular basis.

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Every year, junior religion classes participate in Urban Plunge, an immersive service experience with the St. Anthony Foundation and other service organizations in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. Our students were able to serve and prepare food in the dining room, process clothing donations for the Free Clothing Program, interact with the elderly at a senior center, and deliver meals to the homebound. Part of the service day includes eating lunch with the guests at the St. Anthony dining room.

A group of students also visited St. Boniface Catholic Church where the Gubbio Project provides a place for the homeless to sleep and rest during for the day. In addition, students listened to a speaker from the Fr. Alfred Addiction Recovery Program talk about his recovery experience.

This program gives students the opportunity to practice what they learn in class. The St. Anthony Foundation stresses their mission of serving others with dignity and respect. Our students embrace this service with enthusiasm and compassion. The day is a powerful expression of "Serving the dear neighbor without distinction."

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In this issue: Our annual Sr. Clare Dunn Forum focuses on Women in Politics; Ven a Ver takes Washington, D.C. to advocate for social justice, the Carondelet Athletics Complex gains city approval to move forward, and much more!

We are excited to share the Winter 2017 issue with you. The magazine can easily be viewed online on your computer, tablet or phone. If you prefer to download a copy, follow this link
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On the last day of the school's 50th anniversary year, Carondelet High School unveiled a brand new school logo and redesigned website that reflects both the forward-looking spirit and proud legacy of the school. The new logo incorporates in its design a variety of symbolic elements derived from the school's 50-year legacy, including a "C" for Carondelet drawn from the school's crest, as well as an embedded "CSJ," which is the acronym for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the religious order that founded the school.

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