Carondelet High School

Uniform Policy Reminder

As a reminder, the Carondelet uniform policy for the 2017-2018 school year no longer permits the skort as an official uniform option. Beginning Monday, August 21, wearing the skort will be considered a uniform infraction. While the skort has been a much beloved uniform item for many students and alumnae, larger concerns over the years about alterations to the skort have been at the forefront of conversations among faculty, staff and administrators.

We are presently exploring opportunities for students to become more involved in determining alternative apparel possibilities, which would provide students with more uniform options. The uniform ad hoc committee continues to meet and discuss our present policies and procedures related to the Carondelet uniform policy and we continue to look forward to adding a variety of Carondelet voices to the larger conversation. We are hopeful that all community members will continue to be an important part of this ongoing dialogue.


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