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Varsity volleyball players Shaelyn McHugh ‘16, Sarah Hodson ‘16, and Dom Carpinello ‘16 show off Carondelet’s powerful new cougar, which is being released on the eve of the school’s 50th year.

Strong, courageous, proud, and graceful: These adjectives that describe the cougar, the magnificent feline found throughout North America, render it the ideal mascot for Carondelet High School. Carondelet's students embody these attributes as they engage in sports ranging from basketball to cross country, from diving to dance, from softball to swimming, and everything between and beyond.

Since 1976, the cougar has been the Carondelet mascot; replacing, by popular student vote, the conquistador, the school's original mascot. Now, as Carondelet begins the celebration of its 50th year, a new image of its cougar is taking the school forward.

The new cougar logo, unveiled for the start of the 2015-16 school year, now leaps across the Carondelet gym floor and onto Carondelet’s athletic wear and gear. The new look of the mascot – a sleek, majestic, bounding cat – not only continues to embody the cougar’s grace, courage, strength and pride, but it also suggests the forward movement, unlimited possibility, and power of Carondelet's incredible community of students and alumnae.

The new cougar logo replaces the beloved, crouching cougar image first unveiled at the 2007-08 Welcome Rally. That cougar, thoughtfully and lovingly designed by alum parent Margo Perez-Bruhn (mother of Lauren Bruhn '09), served the school and its students for eight years before its recent retirement. The year prior, Perez-Bruhn, who works in marketing and advertising, had been approached by Sister Kathleen Lang, CSJ, to come up with a look for the cougar mascot that would embody the best attributes of the great cat. Perez-Bruhn took on the challenge, saying of that experience, "I was honored to have participated in the development of the cougar mascot – a design inspired by the leadership of Carondelet, and the grace, pride, and strength of its students.” She and her daughter visited Carondelet in July 2015 for an advance peek at the newly redesigned mascot. They loved the new look, noting that it will propel Carondelet into its next 50 years.

Go, Carondelet Cougars!

History: from Conquistador to Cougar

Carondelet Conquistador

In 1968-69, the first year of a full student body of four classes, Carondelet fielded teams in volleyball, basketball and tennis. For the first time "Conquistadors" appeared in print in the first yearbook, KALEIDOSCOPE. The headline: "Conquistadors Conquer on the Courts."

At that time the name Conquistadors seemed to be in keeping with Carondelet's early history. "The school's spacious campus, brick buildings, and gracious columns and balconies suggest the Spanish origin of the word Carondelet, a settlement outside of St. Louis, the first home of the Sisters when they came from France." (from the School History)

A Conquistador (English: Conqueror) was a Spanish soldier, explorer and adventurer who took part in the gradual invasion and conquering of much of the Americas and Asia Pacific, bringing them under Spanish colonial rule between the 15th and 19th centuries.

Carondelet teams were establishing themselves, trying to overcome the stereotypes that inevitably occur with all new creations--especially a private, Catholic, single sex high school in Concord.

Did you ever try to fit the word Conquistadors into a school cheer? Sometime during the 1976-77 year, it occurred to Emmelie Sabatte '77, Senior Publicity Chairperson, that something needed changing. As a member of student council, Emmelie proposed to Sister Kathleen Lang, Activities Director, that "Conquistadors" was an impossible, inappropriate (and possibly politically incorrect) mascot for a Christian, all-female student body. With Principal Sister Barbara Cotton's approval a student body vote was taken and the Conquistador somewhat reluctantly ceded to the Cougar.

2015 - the Carondelet Cougar Got Its New Look

Gym floor before August 2015.

Big things happened in the gym in July 2015!

1969 Yearbook - the first time "Conquistadors" appeared in print

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