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How to Say "Carondelet"

What's in a Name, And How Do We Say it?

Friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet know that the Congregation was founded in France in 1650. Some, because of the French connection, mistakenly believe that "Carondelet" is a French word and pronounce it "Carondelay."

But Carondelet is not French. The name is derived from the site of the Congregation's first foundation in the United States. The Sisters who arrived in America in 1836 began their work in a small settlement, Carondelet, near what is now St. Louis, Missouri. This settlement was named for Francisco Luis Hector, Baron de Carondelet who, though born in Flanders during the Spanish presence in the Lowlands, was neither Flemish nor Spanish but Catalan.

De Carondelet was prominent in Spanish colonial affairs and from 1791 to 1797 served as governor of the territory which, passing from Spanish to French control, became American through the Louisiana Purchase.

So through the twists and turns of time and history, an American Congregation with French roots bears the name of a Catalan nobleman--"CarondeLET."

And.... Now You Know.

source: CSJ LA

Governor Baron de Carondelet

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